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Hugo Roberts at 45 in New York and at 69

in Kathmandu (winter 2011)

in Kolkata (summer 2011)


After a struggle of more than 8 years, I can safely say that I won the battle against cancer! Doctors at the famous B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital in Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal, declared that I had no cancer. My PSA, that was 12.5 by the end of 2001, when prostate cancer was first diagnosed by the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is now a low 1.5. It was as high as 24.77 in May of 2010 as was determined by this same B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital. This was what urged me to engage in a relentless battle against cancer, which I finally won!

Also, at the time my PSA was so high, there was blood in my urine and my GP at the Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital explained to me how a prostate distended to 6 times its normal size could cause damage to the bladder and kidneys. Before this all happened, I was content to contain the cancer by keeping my PSA below 10.

What I did to eradicate my prostate cancer, you can read in this blog that is dedicated to promote health and wellness and to prevent suffering from disease. Here you’ll also find links to other sites dealing with health, wellness, anti-aging, life extension, rejuvenation, etc.

How I Won the Battle Against Cancer
When the doctors at Sint Franciscus Gasthuis in Rotterdam told me the bad news, they also laid out my options: an operation or radiation therapy. Neither was really enticing since they both came with a sizable risk of impotency and incontinence. I looked for an alternative.

I found Doctor E. Valstar in The Hague, who works with diets, vitamins and minerals, and herbs. I followed his advice more or less and it kept my PSA below 10. But I began to make a number of changes in my life style. Within a year I retired; this early retirement cost me a lot of money, but the stress of working was getting too much for me. A few years later, I changed my diet into a vegetarian diet; once in a while I ate meats in restaurants. I also stopped drinking coffee altogether. After a couple of years I was only drinking alcohol (beer) on occasion.

When the bleeding and the high PSA began, I got so scared that I switched to a vegetarian diet overnight. I have not touched beer or wine since then. The changes in my diet were: mostly fruits and vegetables with eggs (daily), fish (once or twice weekly) and tofu as main sources of protein. I eat a lot of apples, plenty of nuts, and drink an awful lot of water (3 to 5 liters daily). I often eat raisins, and I eat watermelons daily when they are in season.

Below is a list of the food supplements I took at that time:
(+ means high dosage, ++ means very high dosage)

Genistein with bioflavonoids (+),  Lecithin (+), Selenium, Wheat germ oil with vitamin E (+),
Spirulina (++), Green tea (++), Omega-3 (+), Ginseng (++), Vitamin A, Vitamin C (++), Vitamin E,  Revital (multivitamin/mineral capsule), Folate with B2, B6, and B12, Lycopene, Curcumine, Niacin 250 mg, Garlic (++), Indolplex Metagenics60, and One Daily  (multivitamin/mineral capsule). . Most of the supplements I purchased at De Roode Roos:
I also took medicines to quiet down the prostate and for the treatment of gout. 

Since high doses of some of the supplements may be toxic, please seek the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist who specializes in the alternative treatment of cancer, I’m grateful that I found Doctor E. Valstar ( willing to do so. My knowledge I gleaned from various readings, especially E. Valstar’s Voedingsinterventie bij kanker (as far as I know only available in Dutch, but this site lists numerous books in English in the leftmost frame) and from my visits to him. He now helps me by email.

Links to other sites dealing with health, wellness, anti-aging, life extension, rejuvenation, etc.

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*) Contains links to all articles on aging, prevention, and life extention (in Dutch, for other languages click the first link on top of this blog).

Why this blog?

After I conquered cancer, I noticed that I’m again interested in wellness and life
extension. This is because fighting cancer takes energy, but also makes you aware
of your body and the importance of prevention. Growing up in poverty, made me
keenly interested in food, so I first became an ADA (American Dietetic
dietician. Because the ADA required a Master’s degree to sit
for the RD (Registered Dietician) exams, I studied psychology (my life-long
ambition) and got so involved, that I never became an RD.
Conquering cancer inspired me to help and encourage others to do the same.
How can you help?
You can help people suffering from cancer and other ailments by posting
your knowledge and experience as a comment. You can do this
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